...Or Look What Else Was Happening In the World

Hans, Peter, Balthasar, et al, Fillbrunn probably weren’t aware of much going on in the world other than what happened in the Odenwalds where they lived.  Even Johann Peter, John and Peter may have known little of events outside the United States.  To get some feeling of what those distant times were like – and to remind you of some 19th and 20th Century events - here is a casual (and irreverent) table of goings-on in the world at significant periods during the past five centuries of Fillbrunn/Filbrun Family History.

1480s – Hans Fillbrunn Born (?)

  • Earl of Gloucester becomes King Richard III after allegedly doing in his young nephew, Edward V, in the Tower of London.

  • Martin Luther is born; Catholicism’s hold on Germany begins to weaken as Middle Ages end.

  • King John II of Portugal refuses to finance Columbus’ voyage to “The New World”.  (Spain comes through for Chris twelve years later.)

  • Leonardo DaVinci invents parachute (an invention four centuries before its time.)

1535 – Peter Fillbrunn Born (circa)

  • Portuguese and Spanish Inquisitions begin; bonfires of unrecanting heretics light early Renaissance Era skies.

  • Geoffrey Chaucer’s uncensored “Canterbury Tales” are published.

  • John Calvin expelled from Catholic Church for heresy; religious revolts escalate.

  • King Henry VIII starts his marry-‘em, behead-‘em spree.

1610 – Hans Jakob Fillbrunn Born

  • Frederick V succeeds his father in the family business as Palatine Elector.

  • Wm. Shakespeare writes “A Winter’s Tale”, one of last of his 40 plays.

  • First regular newspaper in Europe printed at Strasbourg, Germany, but readership limited to the literate few.

  • King James Authorized Version of the Bible is first published.

1679 – Alexander Mack (Son of Christina Filbrun Mack) Born

  • Stradivari makes his earliest known cello, now worth millions.

  • Penny post mail first established in London (junk mail for ha’penny?).

  • “Pilgrim’s Progress – Part I” by John Bunyan is first published.

  • LaSalle claims Louisiana Territory for France.

1719 – Balthasar Fillbrunn Born

  • Palatinate court moved from Heidelberg to Mannheim.

  • Daniel Defoe writes “Robinson Crusoe” (or “T.G.I. Friday”.)

  • Governor of New York authorizes trade with Indians; trinket business booms.

  • Swiss immigrants bring first rifles to America as carry-on luggage.

1797 – Johann Peter Fillbrunn (Peter Fillbrun) Born

  • Napoleon marries Josephine; assumes command of French forces.

  • George Washington refuses to accept 3rd term as President; dies soon afterwards.

  • Ludwig van Beethoven starts his string of hits by composing Symphony No. 1.

  • Rosetta Stone discovered in Egypt making the deciphering of hieroglyphics possible.

1826 – John Henry Filbrun Born

  • Thomas Jefferson dies at Monticello, age 83.

  • James Fenimore Cooper writes “The Last of the Mohicans”.

  • Unter der Linden in Berlin is first German street to be lit by gas.

  • Noah Webster publishes first American dictionary.

1840 – Peter Filbrun Born

  • Great Britain’s Queen Victoria marries Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

  • Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky is born.

  • Abner Doubleday organizes first baseball game in Cooperstown, New York.

  • U. S. population reachs 17 million; still lags behind Great Britain’s 18.5 million.

1886 – Edward Charles Filbrun Born

  • Alfred Nobel invents dynamite; earnings later fund “Nobel Peace Prize”(!)

  • Russia sells Alaska to U.S. for $7.2 million; cost considered exorbitant by Congress.

  • 13th Amendment to the Constitution abolishes slavery 21 years after Civil War.  

  • Lewis Carroll writes “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland".

1912 – Robert Kenneth Filbrun Born

  • Woodrow Wilson wins U.S. Presidential election.

  • Polish chemist Kasimir Funk coins term “vitamine”, unleashing health food stores on the world.

  • SS “Titanic” sinks on maiden voyage drowning 1,513 (1,514 if you count  Leonardo DiCaprio.)

  • Theory of psychoanalysis is published by C. G. Jung.

1941 – Norman Dean Filburn (sic) Born

  • Pearl Harbor attacked; U.S. declares war on Japan, German and Italy.

  • Orson Welles’ movie, “Citizen Kane”, opens to acclaim of all except W.  R. Hearst.

  • “Whirlaway” wins horse racing Triple Crown.

  • U.S. Savings Bonds and Stamps go on sale to help finance World War II.

1964 – William Andrew Filbrun Born

  • Elizabeth Taylor divorces Eddie Fisher; 10 days later she marries Richard Burton for the first time.

  • Federal commission finds Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in assassinating President Kennedy.

  • The Watusi, Frug, Monkey, Funky Chicken, and other varieties of the Twist drive many to new dance halls called “discotheques”.

  • U.S. aircraft escalate war with attacks on North Vietnam bases.

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