Location: Probably the Earl and Ruth Shroyer farm in Miami County

First row: Bertha Marie Shroyer (Mrs. Donald Parker) (child with arm shading face), Dale Shroyer, Ralph Shroyer, Phyllis Filbrun (Mrs. Donald McNelly), Helen Shroyer (Mrs. Ted Chapman), Ruth Roberts Shroyer (Mrs. Earl)

Second row: Mildred Filbrun (Mrs. Fred Heck) (with dark hair), Edna Million Roberts (Mrs. Oscar), Caroline Detrich Filbrun (widow of Peter Filbrun), Elizabeth Brenner Filbrun (Mrs. John), John Filbrun (brother-in-law of Caroline Filbrun), Lena Cost Filbrun (Mrs. Ted), Edward C. Filbrun.

Third row: Ida Filbrun Roberts (Mrs. Charles) (behind Mildred Filbrun with head turned), Jeannetta Pearl (Pearl) Filbrun Seybold (Mrs. Richard Emerson), Jeannetta Belle (Nettie) Filbrun (Mrs. Frank), Sue Smith Filbrun (Mrs. Edward), Marie Filbrun Black (Mrs. Clyde), Mrs. Black (Marie Black's mother-in-law), Ida Lobaugh Filbrun's sister (name unknown), Ida Lobaugh Filbrun (Mrs. J. William), Lydian Frances (Lydia) Filbrun Black (Mrs. Charles).

Fourth row: Richard Emerson (Emerson) Seybold (behind Ida Filbrun Roberts with dark hair), Oscar Roberts, Esther Shroyer (Mrs. Sam Hinkle) (on shoulder), Earl Shroyer, Rev. Clyde Black, Ted Filbrun, Charles F. (Charlie) Roberts, J. William (Will) Filbrun, David Franklin (Frank) Filbrun

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